Houston Shoot Week 2014 – A Black and White Affair

Alright.. so if I hadn’t already spammed everyone with what little photos I have from the past collection and runway show.. I’m about to do it again. Here is hopefully my last attempt at selling my stuff.

So.. Houston Shoot Week 2014 was held July 26th at the House of Dereon and was put together by Touche Studios.

There were many battles leading up to the day of the show (moving apartments, hula competition, no funds for fabric, runway coaches that do not like me and event coordinators that have ulterior motives) but all in all the show was success. I was the first designer to present, so my segment went quickly and I felt that my collection looked professional, sexy, cute, naughty girl next door and all of that jazz. For the time constraint I was under, I was very proud.

This event challenged me not only mentally but physically as well. I had to make the choice to either keep me word, while running up against a deadline, not paying my bills and using what little money I had to buy fabric in hopes of getting a bit further in this fashion world, and to hopefully also sell some of the pieces.. OR..breaking my word, letting people down… but at least I’d have groceries. Obviously you know which side I chose, and I am proud to say that I was able to show 13 pieces, when 2 days before I had nothing to show for the event. If I were to be put in that same circumstance again.. I would have chosen groceries… because still nothing has sold.

Here is what I don’t get… and please enlighten me if you know something that I do not.

You go to Victoria’s Secret and spend $98 on ONE bra.. made over sea’s.. and poor quality. This is not a one in a million bra.. this is a… half of the women you meet in your life has bought this .. bra. People aren’t being pair fairly and the quality is cheap…. yet we still do it.

I on the other hand.. live in your city. I only buy materials that are sourced from small businesses in YOUR CITY. I hand make everything myself, and more often than not I do all custom work. I spend countless hours making sure everything not only fits properly (the most important) but that it also will not come apart.. BUT.. let’s say it does… IM IN YOUR CITY.. you can just call me to fix it. You get a chance to see me face to face, to deal with YOUR WON FASHION DESIGNER directly… that’s a luxury most people will never have.

Did I mention that all of my pieces are ONE OF A KIND… that’s right ladies.. I never make the same thing twice. So, while I ship things all over the world.. if you are wearing one of my creations… YOU ARE ONE IN 6 BILLION.. you are special.. and you are the only one with that exact piece… need I remind you that you get to deal with me directly.

SO…. then why is $200 too much for a 4 piece outfit that can be worn multiple ways?

I don’t get it.. I truly don’t.

But this is why we have a million Forever 21’s that produce disposable clothing.

Do you know why they call it that? Because it’s not made to last more than one season.. unless of course you take amazing care of it…. which is rare for a lot of people. It also clutters our landfills, promotes big business polluting our environment with harmful dyes, AND takes that creative person you have in your life… that one that creates things you’ve never seen… that no one has.. and it forces them to quit their craft.

Why can’t we live within out communities more, support thy neighbor and to stop looking like everyone else..


You were born to stand out… so do it already. 


… and with that… I conclude my ranting issues with photos from the last collection. I hope you enjoy them. Please share with your friends.


Also….. I am fully aware that I started out stating one thing.. and finishing in a completely different area.. yea.. I do that… AND.. this is not just clothing related.. it pertains to all things local.. GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS.. and be kind to each other. We all have to share this same earth.


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WE ARE MOVING… and selling well.. everything..

Hello Everyone.. Travis and I are in a very quick moving situation and EVERYTHING must go.. soooo.. here is a list of what we have. We need the money so..either buy individually or as a set if you are trying to furnish your apartment/home.. and YES.. please make us an offer.

We will update posts with new things as they come up. Please call or text us to come pick it up (831) 295-1711  <– Ashton’s Cell

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First Section – Study/Computer Area
Desk – 35.5w x 19.5d x 30h

  • Originally $225, selling for $100, only 8 months old

Computer Monitor – 21.6″ Screen, Samsung Monitor – SyncMaster 2253LW

  • Originally $300, selling for $150, comes with all cables.

Ikea REGOLIT Floor Lamp –  only 10 months old.

  • Originally $50, selling for $30.. looks brand new, no scratches

Ikea BEKVAM Stool/Chair

  • Has been used as a computer chair for the past 8 months, can be used a a step stool too.
  • Originally $15, selling for $5

HP Deskjet 920c Printer

  • Originally $300, selling for $75, comes with all cables

Ikea “Shhhhhh” Picture

  • SOLD

Total Together – $370 ($930 value)… save $50 if you buy EVERYTHING… $320

Second Section – TV – Gaming Station

TV – Dynex™ – 32″ Class / 720p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV

  • Originally $300, Selling for $200, only 10 months old, no scratches, perfect condition

XBOX 360 with 2 controllers and headset for XBOX Live

  • Originally $400 total, selling for$200 for everything


  • SOLD


  • Originally $179, selling for $20
  • has some stains on the arm rests from us placing soda on the edge and it condensating. <—- no I don’t think that is a word

IKEA HAMPEN Rug – Hile Pile.. almost like a shag rug

  • Orginally paid $50, Selling for $10

Albert Eisenstein Print with Frame

  • Originally paid $180, selling for $80

Total Together – $560 ($1288value) or save $60 and get EVERYTHING for $500

THIRD SECTION – Workout Equipment

Stability Ball, comes with air pump

  • Originally $55, selling for $15

Everlast Medicine Weighted Ball – 9lbs

  • Originally $50, selling for $30
  • Less than 8 months old

Yoga Mat

  • Originally $50, selling for $10

ProForm Fusion 1.3x Weight Bench

  • Originally $199, selling for $80
  • Screw on seat needs to be tightened and we don’t have a wrench big enough to tighten it.

Set of Dumbells, 25, 20, 9 lbs

  • 9lbs set – originally $80.00ea – $160
  • 20-25lbs set – originally $40.00ea – $160
  • Originally $320 for all 3 sets, selling for $100

Total Together- $235 ($674 value)… save $35 and buy everything – $200

Total for everything in out apartment – $1165, save $165 and buy EVERYTHING for $1000

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Even More Re-Purposed Knit Scarves!! YAYA

All new scarves made for Fall 2011. What do you think??


I will be uploading them to Etsy today, soo be sure to check them out!


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Scarves Scarves oh Glorious Scarves!!

Fall is right around the corner and I couldn’t help but do some color and scarf inspiration stalking. Here is what I have found.

Pantone Fall Colors 2011






and a website in a language that I can’t read.. for these amazing things:










So now I usually HATE people who directly copy another person’s work.. but i just couldn’t help myself with this one. I love 2011’s fall colors and I love these scarves.. sooo I have made 5 so far and have another 8 cut up just waiting to be sewn. They are made from re-purposed jersey knit fabric…. if you wait a few days I will have even MORE to show you!

Just in case you were gonna ask.. YES! I am selling them.. $45 each.. and if I don’t have the color combo you need or want.. lemme know and I will make it for you!!


-Ashton Miyako

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New Stretch Fabrics!!

Today I had a moment at Discount Fabrics on 11th and Howard where I went crazy in their sale section. I found some really amazing stretch fabrics and thought I would  share them with you.

I know many of you have been wanting me to custom make something for you but want to know what fabrics I have to offer.. weellllll… these are the fabrics of the week.

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previous dresses I have made our of stretch fabric pictures above.

Stretch is in.. I am looking to do some long sleeve dresses or skirts. So, please let me know if I need to set some fabric aside for your project.. YAYA

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