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Happy Fathers Day to EVERYONE

When I think of Fathers day… I don’t always think of Dad.

I grew up with my father not a part of my life. Not necessarily because he didn’t want to be, but because my mother moved us to Alaska and then California.

During this time I grew up not with one father, but many fathers. I’ve had many mentors in my life that have help shape who I am as a person. Here are just a few:

To my mother – Happy Fathers Day. You had to fill both roles and I know it wasn’t easy. I know that being a single mom is not easy for anyone and you tried the best that you could. We’ve had up’s and down’s and I am proud that you have grown as a person, that you are in a successful relationship and that you are continually learning to love unconditionally.

To Eric, Judy and Chris – You 3 are the best thing that could have ever happened to my life. I cannot express how much I truly care for each of you. You have been there every step of the way and for that I am truly grateful.


To Matt, the love of my life – I love the way you love our dog. I’ve seen you with your cousins children and you’ve proven to me many times over how much of an amazing father you will be. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my dream come true. P.S. Happy 2yr to baby. We made it! Here’s to 50 more!

To Bell, Amber, Jason, Ana, Ryan, Robyn, Wayne, Peg, Lisa, Reid, Bob, Mike, Trish, Louise, and Grandpa and to the rest of Matt’s family that I might have missed – Thank you for showing me the true values of family. Thank you for supporting me in all that I do, and for accepting me not only into your family, but a part of your lives as well. I love you all.

Thank you to my sister, her hubby and her kids. Thank you for truly loving me through thick and thin. Thank you for reaching out without cause or reason. Thank you for taking notice of my accomplishments in life and for picking me up off the ground when I have fallen.

Thank you to my Utah family!- you accepted me as family before I was ready to accept myself. It’s as if I have known you all my whole life. Thank you for giving back to me when I couldn’t give back to myself. Thank you for continually checking up on me, you always hit at just the right time.

Thank you to Maria, Matthew and Amazing Grace Charities for helping to inspire me every day. For helping me find a way to give back to my community and for reminding me that selfless and selfish sometimes have to go hand in hand. Know when to help others, know when to ask for help, and know when you need to set something down and come back later. God is so good.

To all of my kumu’s, aunties, hula sisters/brothers, and to all of our supporters – thank you sooooo much. You’ve given me a huge reason to make Houston my home and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so lucky to have met you all, you are the highlight of my week.


Lastly, my father, my step mother, my step sisters, my aunties and my grandparents from another mother. Plus my uncle John and his wife Cris- Thank you for helping me to look within myself to decide what was best for me. Thank you for continually challenging me to become a better person for not only myself, but my relationships with others and my customers. I owe my sincere determination to be on top to all of you. Thank you for always pushing me. I am forever grateful.

Here’s to you single moms , single dads, foster parents, adoptive parents, god parents, and to anyone who has ever influenced a child in a positive way. It takes a village to raise a child, and you are shaping the future. Keep on keepin on. You are appreciated in every way.

I’m sure I have missed so many people, I’m so sorry. Know that you do mean a ton to me… But typing on my phone has me drawing a blank.

Happy Fathers Day To Everyone!


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