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Sheer Camo Two Piece

Welcome to my love for sexy clothing that still make me feel classy and different.

This sheer two piece is one that was made from recycled materials found in San Francisco. It features a high waisted skirt w/ a train and a one shoulder top.

Check out the videos below:

I am wearing bathing suit bottoms… not trying to moon anyone here.

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Pink Paisley Eco Dress


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This material was donated to me, and would have ended up in a landfill. It is eco friendly, vintage, the dress had pockets, and a removable belt.

Will fit from a size 2/6, with a size 4 being the best.

Reg. $150, on sale for $55


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Upcycled Jean Dress

This dress was made from a pair of jeans, and has now been re-purposed into a flirty spring dress.

It is eco friendly, can fit multiple sizes, and is truly one of a kind.

Reg. $150, selling for $50


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Watercolor Maxi Dress

This is the first of many dresses to be posted this evening.

The print for this fabric is one that I found at a local fabric store here in Houston. It is hot off the sewing machine, being only a few days old. It is one of a kind, and you can rest assure that you will be the only person in the WORLD with this specific dress. I will not be making it with the exact color combination again. I like to make sure that my clients know, I make most things one time, and one time only. I do this, not because I don’t want multiples, but I want to make sure that women can feel confident in knowing that they will never run into someone with the same dress. (I’m sure they have bigger things to worry about)

Because it it a convertible maxi dress, you can virtually wear it over 150 different ways. The fabric itself is a Lycra style stretch knit. It does not wrinkle and breathes easily. It is perfect for last minute trips, playing around the house, or taking a walk in the park. It is flirty, and sexy, without being too revealing.

As I mentioned before, I am clearing out my inventory to make way for new clothing. Because of this, may or my pieces are being sold for a fraction of what they are worth. I hope you take advantage of the sale, because I will not be having one again any time soon.

Normally this dress would go for $120, but for now I am selling it for $65.00.

I will ship if you do not live within the Houston Area. If you do live here, I can accept, check, cash and credit. If you do not, please add in $5 for shipping. You can pay me video paypal or Chase QuickPay at AshtonRounds@gmail.com

I look forward to dressing you, and please do not hesitate to contact me for anything.

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Dionisio Winery Event

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Oh… this weekend as been crazy busy, but it was truly a blessing and amazing!


For those of you who didn’t know (which seems like a lot… ) I did an event with Dionisio Winery this past Friday. Jimmy and his wife Clarice are the owners/winemakers for that fine establishment and I feel truly blessed to have met both of them.  (Photos to come… uploading is taking FOREVER!)

First, let me tell you about the wine.

The grapes are from California, yes… that is no secret, but the wine is made right here in Houston. The grapes are shipped next day air, the fruit that is infused comes from Texas (we love local) and carries no pesticides… (we really love Organic). There are very little preservatives added (a bottle only lasts 3 years) and there are NO artificial flavors added what so ever. Now you might be asking yourself… well what does all this mean to me?

It means you have a good clean wine that is good for your body AND wont give you a hangover!! Did I mention it tastes AMAZING!

Being a California girl, I have high standards, but this wine is seriously amazing.

Now, when Jimmy asked me to do an event with him, I didn’t ever question it.. I just said YES!

The event featured the wine… obviously.. and a trunk show by yours truly. We had quite a few local models, who walked around and mingled with the event attendees, as well as taking pictures of my Summer 2014 designs.

There are not enough works to describe how truly grateful I am… but here are my thanks:

Thank you to the following people:

  • Jimmy and Clarice for hosting the show, and for continuing to push me along the way.
  • Emeka with GnationCrown.com for helping me find last minute models and makeup
  • Bianca with Joie De Vivre Artistry for doing all the makeup on the fabulous models
  • The models who showed up, took photos, and modeled their butts off.. thank you ladies
  • Daniel with dwayne studio45foto for taking event photos
  • Jared Pierson with FullFramFX Photography for showing up, showing your love and being generally awesome
  • Matt Bednar…. my boyfriend.. you have to deal with so much.. thank you for putting up with me
  • My hula sisters. Thank you for showing up and supporting me. Your love, friendship and sisterhood means the world to me. I love you.
  • To all of the attendees, thank you for your feedback and appreciation. I have taken everything into consideration and it will help launch me forward.
  • Marie, that you for helping me find last minute models as well. I was truly freaking out.


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Where do I fit in? (Advice Needed!)

I am at a cross roads with my business.

I am not sure where to go next. I feel like the next option is to start selling to boutiques/retailers but I’m not sure where I belong in said stores. I would love to get an honest critique of my work and where you think my clothing would best fit in a retail environment.

I have spent countless hours trying to decide where I think I belong, but I have come up with nothing. I see store like, Urban Outfitters have few comparisons to my clothing, Free people is a little too boho. I do not think Anthropolgie and I would not mesh well. I can’t imagine my things in Macy’s or Saks… JCpenny… I have only ever tried to be myself as a designer. Does that mean I am not destined to be in a well know retail store?

Here is a slideshow of garments (recent and not so recent) that I feel encapsulate my design aesthetic and show off who I am as a person as well as a designer. If you have an idea of where you think my clothing might fit.. I would love to hear. OR, if you have any better ideas.. I would love to hear those as well!!

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Urban Jungle Cat – Photoshoot and Happiness

Sooooooooo….. There are no words to describe how full my “love tank” is right now. 

(For those of you who have read 5 Love Languages, you know what I’m talking about….. for those of your who haven’t. I’m not really sure what you are waiting for, but I know it will change your life for the better if you let it. )

So, back to my happiness…

A month or so ago an amazing woman name Allison found me on Instagram and told me she loved my designs. Naturally I had to do some cyber stalking myself, and let me tell you *le swoon*.. instant girl crush extreme. Then… I saw Jenna from Anthem In Art.. HOLY MOLY.. I think I just died and went to super girly rockstar heaven. Allison is a kick ass stylist and Jenna is seriously the best photographer in Houston. When I found out they wanted to work with me, I nearly died… yes.. died.

The Concept:

Jungle cat meets downtown Houston. The super amazing and talented models Janie and Kelsey would be getting their animalistic groove on in… you guessed it.. Ashton Miyako Designs.

The Crew: 

The Location:

Downtown Houston, TX

The Results:

So I currently only have behind the scenes shots, but even those are kick ass. I’m so uber excited I can’t contain my happiness!!!!!

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Also – You can purchase the garments you see in the pictures here!!

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Lovely Little Memories + advice to those who care

Ever google yourself just for fun? Well.. I wont lie.. I do it sometimes just to see what comes up (sometimes I end up laughing and sometimes I have to do some damage control). While on one of my routine google sessions I found a little blog post written by a  friend of mine, fellow fashionista and blogger, Miss Modelina Michelle .

It reminded me of how I was feeling at the time, still just starting out. Not knowing how to sell, still learning how to construct dresses. Granted I still don’t know what I am doing… but I’m learning everyday.

If there was one piece of advice that I could give to aspiring fashion designers it would be to NEVER TAKE OTHER PEOPLE’S ADVICE.. (not even mine) unless of course you honestly believe that they are right.

Here is what I know.

Everyone will try to tell you what you should be doing (whether you ask them to or not.. usually not), they are constantly going to be telling you how to design, how to sew, what colors to choose and how you should be running your business. Lastly they will be trying to take advantage of you day after day…no matter how much you try to avoid it. They will think that you are naive (I was…. still am) and try to get you to make free things in exchange for other items or just free things trying to tell you that they will promote you. Now if you’re lucky… you will run into real people who find you to be simply amazing in your design work and who will actually help you, connect you with the right people and actually help sell your stuff… and if your unlucky (like I have been more than not) you will have people who promise to help you, promise to promote you, take handfuls of your business cards and never ever.. NEVER actually promote you. Or if they do, you will never actually get a single call or client send from them. Sadly, only time will tell which of people you meet will help you or use you….. welcome to the f*ing design club.. please make sure it is worth it before you up-root your life to take on fashion design as a profession.

Ok so the good side of it…. you get a chance to turn someone’s day around. They come to you feeling down about they way they look.. needing a pick-me-up that only you can provide and you serve up a piping hot dish of confidence with a side of ego. I’m sorry but there is nothing better than that for me and my clients are the reason I keep doing this, dealing with the deadlines, never sleeping , never eating and never having time to make myself look fabulous. Don’t lie to me.. I know that I always look  “ok” but never well put together… let’s face it.. I’m f*ing tired..

…….and it’s 12:15a.m. and I’m covering a shift for a co-worker tomorrow…

Want to know something about honey? Just ask away.. I am a freaking honey connoisseur… and don’t even get me started on they health benefits of Bee Pollen.


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Hot off the Sewing Machine – Maxi Dress!!

So I’m currently obsessed with this dress that I just made. It’s long, awesome and made out of re-purposed knit fabric (which I still have a lot of, so put your orders in now before it’s all gone). The back has since been changed. The picture of it in on me is still in “v” form, but it has been changed to the picture of it on the mannequin. An adjustable low back feature.. WOOHOO!

I have been wanting to make a dress that is a little different, something that isn’t so symmetrical (which I seem to do a lot of) and more flowy. I keep trying to move toward street fashion, toward something more edgy and less classic, though I haven’t been able to find a way to do so. what I want to make and what I actually make are two very different things. There is still this fear of messing up.. spending hours and hours on a project only to throw it all away..the fear that no one will like it.. and the fear that I will get half way through.. realize I have NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING, start crying and give up. It’s moments like this I wish I could have someone else sew up a sample and then send it to production. I have great street fashion ideas and no way to execute them.

At any rate I am IN LOVE with this dress. I just walked to the grocery store in it to see how it handled in the wind WITHOUT holding up the bottom of the skirt.. and guess what.. I didn’t trip once, the wind was blowing like crazy and some how everything magically went right. Which is good considering I just paid $79 to have a locksmith open the apartment door as I left both sets of keys in the house. If any of you happen to lock yourself out of your car, apartment, locker.. whatever.. call Pop-A-Lock in SF. They are open 24 hours and have AMAZING customer service.


Oh yea.. the dress is a size small/medium and is for sale – $150. Email me if you want it.. I can make it longer or shorter if you need.

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