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Pink Paisley Eco Dress


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This material was donated to me, and would have ended up in a landfill. It is eco friendly, vintage, the dress had pockets, and a removable belt.

Will fit from a size 2/6, with a size 4 being the best.

Reg. $150, on sale for $55


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Coffee Scrub Delight

I first have to mention that I have the most amazing support system going in to 2014. I don’t want to say that I was feeling like people didn’t care about me, I know that’s not true. I guess I just didn’t realize how MUCH people cared about me.

Coffee Face & Body Scrub  - All In OneSince my first post I have received  ton of inspiring phone calls, emails and text messages. I have had people who I have never met, lend kind words to help lift me up. I am indeed a very lucky soul. Which brings me to Roenna Designs. She is a fashion designer, mom, and entrepreneur. Basically she’s wonder woman!!  Roenna sent me a text message about her Coffee Scrub Delight. She told me that at the very least it would help me in the process of healing my skin.  Being that I am willing to try anything at this point, I jumped at the chance to try a new product.

More Details:

“After many years of extensive research, The Ultimate Coffee Scrub is now available for everyone to enjoy. This 8 oz jar is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that will help even out your skin tone, reduce the appearance of cellulite but most importantly help target problem skin such as acne, eczema, rashes and much much more. This coffee scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with a golden glow after each use… A perfect gift for your loved ones!”

What I received was nothing short of a miracle  . For one, I LOVE the smell of coffee. Secondly, it is all natural… as in.. NO CHEMICALS (I am not counting the hydrogen peroxide). And Third… my skin feels amazing, even a day later.

My Background:

So I have super duper sensitive skin. If I breathe wrong my skin breaks out. Not to mention my eczema is moving into my hairline. If  you’ve never had that happen.. I’ll spare you the details. I have tried Proactive and they actually made my skin worse. I’ve never had oily skin before Proactive.. I’m not saying it caused it.. but them on, I have been battling combination skin.

I have been to the dermatologist many many MANY times. I have taken all sorts of antibiotics, put creams on my face.. etc. Those things work for a small amount of town, then suddenly without warning my skin will rage with firey anger worse than before and I’ll be battling it all over again.

Did I mention that when I get anxiety (all of the time) I peel my skin off? Yea gross I know. The only time I stop is when my skin isn’t breaking out.

Now here I am, no insurance (I don’t understand Obama Care) and still needing to fix my skin/health. Where does that leave me? ALL NATURAL REMEDIES!!!! If it can be made in my kitchen, I am willing to try it.

The Coffee Scrub Delight:

I did not take a picture before I used the scrub  yesterday. My skin was REALLY bad, and although I am willing to put it all out there for the world to see, even that was a stretch for me. I did however take a photo after for you to see.

Let’s go back to the packaging: The coffee scrub comes in the cutest mason jar, with a wooden spoon and directions. All wrapped in green tissue paper. LOVE.

The Process: Wash face before using. Clean off any makeup. Spread a dime size amount on to your face, let sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse off.

*I washed my face with a natural soap and then applied the coffee scrub. I hopped in the shower, and before I rinsed it off I massage the coffee scrub into my skin. The after effects were amazing. My skin felt smooth and awake.

Day After Coffee Delight Scrub (1 Week in)

Day After Coffee Delight Scrub (1 Week in)

Today is the first day I have woken up without new acne. In fact, I have zero white heads on my face, most of the scabs are gone and my eczema has cleared up almost completely. I obviously still have the scars on my face and crazy discolorations to go with, but at least my skin feels smooth and improved.

Interested in the Coffee Delight Scrub for yourself or a friend? You can buy it here and here.








Still not convinced? Below are some recent testimonials: 


“I love this coffee scrub! Thank you! Thank you!”
Niceville, Florida

“I just have to share – For the most part, I’m pretty happy with my skin. My arms and legs are soft and smooth as long as I keep them sufficiently moisturized with good products; however, there was this pesky little dime-size patch of skin on my calf that would feel dry and incredibly itchy EVERY winter –no fail–, no matter what I did to remedy it. These past two winters, since I started using this coffee scrub, that little eczema spot has been missing in action — I can’t say I miss it much, so I haven’t had to unzip my left boot just to scratch! 🙂 Finally, something that works!!
Fremont, CA

“WOW, what an awesome scrub! I’m glad I decided to check it out! I was so excited when I got it that I tried it on my hands first to check its texture, etc. Then, I ended up using it as a face mask and when I took it off, I felt like I just gave myself a full service facial!

I would say I’ve used a good number of products and have done enough research to say that I am definitely picky when it comes to products in general. I always say that quality trumps quantity and am always willing to put my $ where I find it will give me the most value. On the other hand, with regard to scrubs, I’ve even tried homemade recipes (using ingredients I keep on hand like different sugars, salts, oils, milk, honey and even coffee) just because I also believe that ‘all natural’ is a good way to go with scrubs and sometimes they end up being better than the store bought scrubs! The bottom line is that your scrub is a great product that I want my product friends to try it out too!”
San Francisco, CA

“I love it!! I’m on my second jar! My husband uses it too! I would like to purchase two more jars! My brown spots have gotten lighter!”
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my coffee scrub. This stuff is brilliant! My skin looks and feels silky soft! When this runs out, sign me up for eleventy bajillion more!!!!! ♥
Fayetteville, North Carolina


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February 2014 – Something has to give

It’s time..


Feb 2014 – No Makeup

It’s time for things to change on my part.

I don’t know about you, but 2013 was not one of my better years. It

was filled with heartbreak, self sabotage, hateful work environments, zero ambition, zero creativity and other nasty things that aren’t even worth mentioning.

Now, 2013 wasn’t ALL bad. I moved in with a man who keeps me young at heart, and easy going. We got a dog, Isis, who is teaching me patience and unconditional love every day. I was fired from a job of over a year, right before Thanksgiving, right before a 10 day vacation to California. Luckily I have my amazing boyfriend, my dog and my surrogate family members who continue to see me through this. If Judy ever reads this Thank you for everything. You have been the most amazing support system a girl could ask for.

To Matt’s family, Thank you for accepting me as your own, and for loving me everyday. I adore each and every one of you.


Ok Now to why we are really here. It’s time for me to make a change. A week ago I made the command decision to start working on my fashion design again, and to find a way to get it kick started in Houston full time. I have also been battling stomach issues… and skin issues and all that fun stuff.

SO here we go February 2014. Below…. my skin in all of it’s glory, my body in all of it’s glory, and my goals will be on the next post. I wont do it if I don’t write it down. I refuse to put anymore chemicals into my body to rid myself of weight and skin issues. I can do it naturally. Our bodies were made to heal themselves. We just have to be brave enough to let it.

The vulnerable part. I hate my skin, and I always think that I’m fat. Regardless of what you might think of me, those two things have been with me for most of my life. Even when I was running 3 times a day, I still felt fat and that was some of the worst days for my skin.

Will it ever end? Will I ever feel content with my body, or comfortable going out without makeup on? I have no idea. But if I’m willing to give up everything to start my clothing line, I should be willing to be a better person from the inside out… for myself.

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The Plan:

Yesterday I bought a kindle book, The Clear Skin Diet by Alan C. Logan. I read some of it last night and will read more today. I know, and have known for  while that many of my issues are diet related. I eat healthy most of the time, but not all of the time. I drink more than I ever have before. I’m not sure why. mostly i think its a social peer pressure… but either way.. it needs to stop. (It’s almost more money than it should be). It all starts with a diet. A diet starts with me.

I’ve been on Pintrest recently too (Ok, I’m always on Pintrest), and I found this, and a ton of other remedies… so I’m going to try them all.

Lucky for anyone who reads this, if you have similar issues… I plan on posting my journey to happiness, body awareness, and self acceptance. I plan on setting realistic goals, continuing my design work and preparing my self for whatever may come next.

It’s Time.

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