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Why I joined Jamberry.. This is not a fairy tale success story

Let’s be honest, I was skeptical at first. It’s a nail wrap.. What’s so great about that? No dry time. Gluten free. Latex free. Formaldehyde free. Can put them on in less than 15 minutes…. With no chipping… Ok you’ve got my attention.

My then old friend and now team leader urged me to try samples, then sent them to me for free. So I did. I watched the video, read the instructions, used my blow dryer, and sweated profusely trying to get them on the first time.


They weren’t hard to get on, but I’m a perfectionist and couldn’t figure out how to push out the wrinkles (a rubber pusher or orange stick is your best friend… Seriously). Samples aren’t made for ALL fingers, but I was determined to try anyway.

They were beautiful. I still applied them wrong (not enough stretching) so they bubbled and annoyed me. I was able to get back to work designing dresses immediately (no dry time) and they lasted a week before I got hasty and peeled them off. They were fine.. But again I’m a perfectionist. During that time I received so many compliments on my nails, plus many people asking how they could get them. I was more than happy to send people to my team leader, though it never occurred to me that I should to it myself.

I waited several months before she contacted me again to take the plunge. I was still hesitant to become a Jamberry consultant because I was designing dresses, managing interns, dancing competitive Hula, struggling with a dog and boy friend and just feeling over whelmed in life.

What it ultimately came down to was…. I loved the product. I knew I could get better at applying them. I needed to work for myself, from home because that is where I truly thrive. I also needed the money. I was making money designing dresses, but most of that was either going back into my business or paying bills. Jamberry seemed like a perfect solution.

I joined this time last year because this is the only time they offer a joining incentive. This year its a $50 cash rebate with $75 in product credit (sooooo useful!) .



The kit is $99 which can pay for itself quite quickly if you are diligent.. I was not.

Ive learned that it takes more than just the kit and posting on social media to be successful. You’ve got to be hungry. You’ve got to talk to people and you can’t have excuses for why things don’t go the way you planned. You’ve got to set goals, follow through on promises, get to know people rather than just selling them and find a way to promote your product in a way that YOU feel comfortable with.

It has taken me a year to learn this. A FLIPPING YEAR PEOPLE!

After I got my kit I was weighed down by Hula competition, deadlines with my fashion business, life, dog, boyfriend, bills.. Etc. I didn’t make time like I should have and that is why for my first year I didn’t do well with Jamberry. I sold here and there, made a total of maybe $100 which made me feel better about my kit at least…. But didn’t help me in the way I needed it to.

Now a year later, here I am, starting over and putting more into this business this time around. However, this time my kit is still in HOUSTON!! So, here I am in California, no kit, working my little fingers off to try and rock my Jam business, and ya know what… It’s not easy.

I am going to be a single mom come November and I start full time school in a few weeks. Now more than ever I need a business to create a stable environment for me and this baby. We deserve to not suffer through this life.


It’s a real thing. It’s a real struggle. Now I don’t have the option of pushing it to the side or giving up.

This time around, with no kit, no income, no supplies.. What is a girl to do?

Contacting my team manager, she sent me a few wraps to get me through. I have cut them up to make samples, just focusing on accent nails rather than a complete sample. I’m trying to be more proactive on social media by keeping business and personal separate to a degree… Obviously people like buying from actual people.. So there is a certain amount of personality that goes into the whole process. I’m also focusing on follow through. Speaking very highly of the company and trying to honestly reach out to others in every way I can.

Why do I tell you all of this? Because my story isn’t a fairy tale. I’m a real person. I’ve had real struggles and I’m working to not give up on my dreams. It’s totally doable, and making money in this business isn’t hard…. If you try, and your are an active participant in your business. You can change your life around and be free of the financial struggles weighing you down. You’ve just got to believe in your goals. Know that you can achieve anything.

I’ve seen what this business can do for people, and I want to be my own success story. I want my own team to leader of beautiful souls who are ready to change their lives, and I want to change the  lives of others for the better while manifesting my own happiness for myself and this unborn baby.

It’s tough, but I’m excited to be on this journey.

How can you help? Host a party, buy nail wraps or just tell your friends. I love talking nails, and if you haven’t seen the Nail Art Studio you must check it out.

Feeling inspired? Have a similar story and want to work for yourself? Join my team, I’m so ready to lead you!! Let’s make our dreams come true together.

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What is it about ME?

There is a chance that by reading the above title you are thinking this is going to be a whine session about my life.

You….. are partly correct and partly COMPLETELY WRONG.. but first you were correct.

I just have one question…. which may come as a series of questions in a moment.

Why do I annoy myself so much? I literally feel like I am driving myself insane, which means I must drive others insane as well.

I lose motivation in the blink of an eye. I never know what I want (too many choices). Once I do pick out what I want I have no patience to wait for it to happen. I’m a dreamer. I’ve got big ideas and I want them all to happen right now. When I am forced to follow the dreams of someone else, I fall into a pit of self loathing and I just splash around in it until another deadline hits and I need to pull myself out. I want to do what I want, in a way that makes myself and others happy. I do not want to conform.

Is it because I am a girl? Is it because I am a Gemini, or Left Handed… or a Cali girl suck in a beachless town? Is it because I am creative?.. I hear creative minds are the worst to deal with. Maybe it’s a little of all those things????

Or perhaps…. what’s even worse.. It’s just me.


I work my ass off and I try to please everyone… haven’t I earned up enough karma points to give me what I want?

Top 10 List:

  1. Sell the Mini
  2. Buy a new car (cheap, 4 dr, reliable)
  3. Finish paying bills.. between IRS and medical I need 5k
  4. FIX MY FUCKING SKIN…… I mean the older I get the worse my skin gets. I’ve finally gotten myself into a place where my weight doesn’t bother me.. my skin though.. WTF
  5. Expand my business, find an investor, open up a boutique/event space. I have a great idea for how to increase local business, community outreach and to make money for everyone. EcoLocalFriendly BEETCHS!
  6. Travel, find amazing fabrics and inspiration. Meet people.. make friends everywhere.
  7. Spend more time exploring new things with Matt and Isis
  8. Become a better hula dancer. Be more dedicated, thoughtful and dance with passion
  9. Find myself and then get lost in creativity again.
  10.  Read more, spend less time hunched over a sewing desk

After all that marriage, house, kids… blah.. all of that later.

Truly I want a successful business. I’m tired of struggling. I understand that your 20’s this is exactly what you are suppose to be doing.. but my my. they don’t tell you how exhausting it is.

I lied… this is all about me whining about my life.. but you’ve made it this far. so thanks.

rant over.

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Raw Showcase Pics

Just a few, but not all.

Each piece has been upcycled from something A pair of jeans turned into a dress.

Watch this video first…

PANORAMA RAW – Independent Artist Event:

Then check them out.










Photos by : Lee San

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Coffee Scrub Delight

I first have to mention that I have the most amazing support system going in to 2014. I don’t want to say that I was feeling like people didn’t care about me, I know that’s not true. I guess I just didn’t realize how MUCH people cared about me.

Coffee Face & Body Scrub  - All In OneSince my first post I have received  ton of inspiring phone calls, emails and text messages. I have had people who I have never met, lend kind words to help lift me up. I am indeed a very lucky soul. Which brings me to Roenna Designs. She is a fashion designer, mom, and entrepreneur. Basically she’s wonder woman!!  Roenna sent me a text message about her Coffee Scrub Delight. She told me that at the very least it would help me in the process of healing my skin.  Being that I am willing to try anything at this point, I jumped at the chance to try a new product.

More Details:

“After many years of extensive research, The Ultimate Coffee Scrub is now available for everyone to enjoy. This 8 oz jar is bursting with antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that will help even out your skin tone, reduce the appearance of cellulite but most importantly help target problem skin such as acne, eczema, rashes and much much more. This coffee scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with a golden glow after each use… A perfect gift for your loved ones!”

What I received was nothing short of a miracle  . For one, I LOVE the smell of coffee. Secondly, it is all natural… as in.. NO CHEMICALS (I am not counting the hydrogen peroxide). And Third… my skin feels amazing, even a day later.

My Background:

So I have super duper sensitive skin. If I breathe wrong my skin breaks out. Not to mention my eczema is moving into my hairline. If  you’ve never had that happen.. I’ll spare you the details. I have tried Proactive and they actually made my skin worse. I’ve never had oily skin before Proactive.. I’m not saying it caused it.. but them on, I have been battling combination skin.

I have been to the dermatologist many many MANY times. I have taken all sorts of antibiotics, put creams on my face.. etc. Those things work for a small amount of town, then suddenly without warning my skin will rage with firey anger worse than before and I’ll be battling it all over again.

Did I mention that when I get anxiety (all of the time) I peel my skin off? Yea gross I know. The only time I stop is when my skin isn’t breaking out.

Now here I am, no insurance (I don’t understand Obama Care) and still needing to fix my skin/health. Where does that leave me? ALL NATURAL REMEDIES!!!! If it can be made in my kitchen, I am willing to try it.

The Coffee Scrub Delight:

I did not take a picture before I used the scrub  yesterday. My skin was REALLY bad, and although I am willing to put it all out there for the world to see, even that was a stretch for me. I did however take a photo after for you to see.

Let’s go back to the packaging: The coffee scrub comes in the cutest mason jar, with a wooden spoon and directions. All wrapped in green tissue paper. LOVE.

The Process: Wash face before using. Clean off any makeup. Spread a dime size amount on to your face, let sit for 3-5 minutes then rinse off.

*I washed my face with a natural soap and then applied the coffee scrub. I hopped in the shower, and before I rinsed it off I massage the coffee scrub into my skin. The after effects were amazing. My skin felt smooth and awake.

Day After Coffee Delight Scrub (1 Week in)

Day After Coffee Delight Scrub (1 Week in)

Today is the first day I have woken up without new acne. In fact, I have zero white heads on my face, most of the scabs are gone and my eczema has cleared up almost completely. I obviously still have the scars on my face and crazy discolorations to go with, but at least my skin feels smooth and improved.

Interested in the Coffee Delight Scrub for yourself or a friend? You can buy it here and here.








Still not convinced? Below are some recent testimonials: 


“I love this coffee scrub! Thank you! Thank you!”
Niceville, Florida

“I just have to share – For the most part, I’m pretty happy with my skin. My arms and legs are soft and smooth as long as I keep them sufficiently moisturized with good products; however, there was this pesky little dime-size patch of skin on my calf that would feel dry and incredibly itchy EVERY winter –no fail–, no matter what I did to remedy it. These past two winters, since I started using this coffee scrub, that little eczema spot has been missing in action — I can’t say I miss it much, so I haven’t had to unzip my left boot just to scratch! 🙂 Finally, something that works!!
Fremont, CA

“WOW, what an awesome scrub! I’m glad I decided to check it out! I was so excited when I got it that I tried it on my hands first to check its texture, etc. Then, I ended up using it as a face mask and when I took it off, I felt like I just gave myself a full service facial!

I would say I’ve used a good number of products and have done enough research to say that I am definitely picky when it comes to products in general. I always say that quality trumps quantity and am always willing to put my $ where I find it will give me the most value. On the other hand, with regard to scrubs, I’ve even tried homemade recipes (using ingredients I keep on hand like different sugars, salts, oils, milk, honey and even coffee) just because I also believe that ‘all natural’ is a good way to go with scrubs and sometimes they end up being better than the store bought scrubs! The bottom line is that your scrub is a great product that I want my product friends to try it out too!”
San Francisco, CA

“I love it!! I’m on my second jar! My husband uses it too! I would like to purchase two more jars! My brown spots have gotten lighter!”
Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love my coffee scrub. This stuff is brilliant! My skin looks and feels silky soft! When this runs out, sign me up for eleventy bajillion more!!!!! ♥
Fayetteville, North Carolina


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Honey Lemon Mask

So I have been reading a lot of information about the benefits of lemon and honey in your diet.

Having worked at a raw honey store for a portion of my life, I already know its anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti allergy properties…. though honestly.. I’ve never thought about putting it on my face. I love honey… as in I like to eat it. I was concerned I’d try to lick it off.

Then there is Lemon… I see people putting in lemon to mask the taste of water (for those who hate drinking water). I however never do that because after working in a bar, do you really know where those lemons are being stored before they are cut up, placed in a plastic bin and then served in your water??? If you don’t know, than you don’t want to know, but because I believe in killing the dreams of people who turn a blind eye to germs….let me give you a little mental picture:

Imagine those plastic carrying trays that you usually see bread on. Yes those things that stack on top of each other and hold all sorts of produce. Imagine 100 lemons, stacked on 100 limes, covered in random dirt (they did just come off the back of a truck), and although they are in a fridge….things get moldy… things get bugs.. and nothing is washed off before they are cut into.. GROSS!! Between the idea of  mold, bug-ness, and any pesticides that were already there to begin with, the wait staff cut them up with the same knife, moving all that ish inside of the fruit, then you squeeze it into your drink AND drop the rind in to the rest of the drink. Don’t get me wrong… I love BlueMoon, but please… but the orange on the side, I’ll squeeze it and discard the rest. Still gross… Hence the reason I did not know the beneficial properties that is LEMONS. I’ll let you read them Here and Here so that I don’t make this longer than it already is.

Moving on.. I’ve been doing research on natural acne remedies, and a Lemon Honey Mask has been an internet favorite. Urban Bush Babes had a fairly simple recipe that I decided to try. Now before you start to blow up my inbox with Anti Lemon on your face campaign… I already tried it.. I know that it has the ability to lighten scars (aka bleaching your skin) and can be somewhat harsh. Luckily the honey seems to cut it quite a bit, so it doesn’t burn at all.

Here is what I did:

Materials Needed:

  • Half a Lemon
  • 2 Tablespoons of Raw Honey (I used the kind WITH the comb…. not doing that again)
  • Spoon to stir it up
  • Brush to paint it on (I used my newly washed foundation brush)
  • Patience

I mixed everything into a high ball glass (I hope that doesn’t make me sound like an alcoholic??). Since I used the raw honey in the comb, I had to crush it up a bit to get the consistency of cough syrup. Here is what I learned….. honey melts on your skin.. honey with wax in it melts and gets stuck on to your face and your hair… not a good combo.

Urban Bush Babes recommended leaving it on for 15-40 minutes, however, since this was my first time (NEWB!) I decided to only leave it on for  10 minutes. During that time it melted quite a bit and kept dripping. I would say either stay in your bathroom over your sink, or wear clothes you don’t care about. Also, I had some remaining which I totally dumped into my tea.

After 10 minutes the honey had solidified slightly, so I used my fingertips to rub it in. Between the honey comb, raw honey crystals and lemon pulp, it makes a great mild exfoliater (exfoliator??). After that I rinsed with cold water.

I took before and after pictures. I can’t tell a difference, other than my skin is softer. Today however I woke up with slightly clearer skin.. which I think is from the combination of a completely vegan and gluten-free day, lemon drinking water, 8 hours of sleep, and the scrub. Who knows..

Thoughts? What have you tried that has worked?



Before the Scrub


During… look at all that honey and wax!!


After Mask


After mask – Other Side