Where do I fit in? (Advice Needed!)

I am at a cross roads with my business.

I am not sure where to go next. I feel like the next option is to start selling to boutiques/retailers but I’m not sure where I belong in said stores. I would love to get an honest critique of my work and where you think my clothing would best fit in a retail environment.

I have spent countless hours trying to decide where I think I belong, but I have come up with nothing. I see store like, Urban Outfitters have few comparisons to my clothing, Free people is a little too boho. I do not think Anthropolgie and I would not mesh well. I can’t imagine my things in Macy’s or Saks… JCpenny… I have only ever tried to be myself as a designer. Does that mean I am not destined to be in a well know retail store?

Here is a slideshow of garments (recent and not so recent) that I feel encapsulate my design aesthetic and show off who I am as a person as well as a designer. If you have an idea of where you think my clothing might fit.. I would love to hear. OR, if you have any better ideas.. I would love to hear those as well!!

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3 thoughts on “Where do I fit in? (Advice Needed!)

  1. Given that your items are unique, if I were you, I would envision exactly how I would want my own shop to look like, the ideal location and I would draft a proposal to post on Kickstarter or similar crowd funding sites which would also get future clients engaged and current clients/supporters further engaged since you need potential customers to be engaged because you’re in business to sell your goods and make money. Check out “The Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki for guidance on drafting a proposal. I am a proponent of going after exactly what you want and only if it proves unfeasible would I scale down my intentions.
    Doing a Business Plan would also force you to focus on practicality and determine if the potential cash flow is indeed feasible for your wants and needs. In line with a Kickstarter proposal posted, you would want to expand your reach by reaching out to fashion industry personnel, via LinkedIn, FB, etc. You always want to be expanding your reach and adding to your “links” and building up a business network to use as a reality check.
    I could go on but I’m sure you get the idea.

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  2. Carlos says:

    Perhaps it’s not you who should decide. Pitch to a bunch of retailers, big and small, of all types. They’ll make the decision for you!


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